Event Planning Certification

Event planning certification is offered by several organizations within the event planning industry. Becoming certified signals to potential clients that an event planner maintains high standards of professionalism and competence. Here is information on the most well-regarded certifications.

Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP)

The CSEP certification was established in 1993. It is administered by the International Special Events Society. To be eligible for this certification, applicants must have no less than 3 years previous experience as a professional event planner. The certification also requires successful completion of a 4˝ hour examination. The exam is administered via the candidate’s computer, and it is offered only in English. It consists of an essay section, as well as 100 multiple-choice questions. The certification exam is offered 4 times per year and costs $600.

Convention Industry Council (CIC)

More than 100,000 individuals and nearly 20,000 firms are associated with the CIC. Its mission is to bring professionals together from around the world in an effort to promote the exchange of event planning information. The CIC also seeks to encourage the establishment of standards for planning meetings, exhibitions, and conventions. Individuals and organizations who share this vision are welcome to apply. Cost is calculated based on an organization’s annual budget.

Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM)

CMM is designed for management-level and other senior professionals in the industry. This event planning certification requires a minimum of 10 years experience. It offers professional recognition for those with a proven track record of success, and it provides these individuals with additional educational opportunities. Those who qualify can apply online and pay an application fee that ranges from $75 to $125. If accepted, the individual becomes eligible to register for the next scheduled certification training.

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Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)

The CMP program is a great way for event planning professionals at any stage of their career to achieve formal credentialing. Like other certification opportunities in the industry, the CMP certification can lead to a higher earning potential and increased peer recognition. It also establishes credibility, which is especially important for new professionals as they seek a way to gain customer trust and stand out from the competition. Certification requires candidates to pass the CMP exam. A variety of study materials are available to help prepare for the test.

Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP)

The CGMP is a unique event planning certification designed for event professionals employed by the federal government, or whose work is regulated by the federal government. Certification requires membership in the Society of Government Meeting Professionals for at least 6 months, as well as 1 year of work history in the industry. Registration is $595. This includes a 3-day training course and exam preparation materials. The registration fee also includes the exam itself, which is given immediately upon course completion.

Taking the necessary steps to earn an event planning certification is not required to work in the industry. However, new event planners and industry veterans alike will benefit from the additional education and networking opportunities that come with certification.

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