Best Event Planning Schools

Hospitality degree programs are offered at most large public colleges and universities in the U.S. However, future students seeking a more direct approach may choose to attend a trade school or similarly focused institution. Here is information on several quality event planning schools from across the country.

QC Event School – Silver Spring, MD

The QC Event School is a distance learning institution, meaning students can complete courses online and on their own schedule. The school offers courses that include training in organizing wedding events. For those not interested in wedding planning, a course is available that focuses exclusively on organizing business and industry events. Tuition ranges from around $750 to $1,050, and the school offers tuition installment plans for those who need it.

Sheffield School – New York, NY

The Sheffield School was established in 1985 as an interior design college. It has since expanded its degree programs to include wedding and event planning. They offer a distance learning program that instructs students in organizing weddings and other events using a 20-lesson format. The program includes workbooks, study guides, virtual internship projects, and personal support from the faculty. The program fee is $898 paid in advance, or $1198 when paid in monthly installments.

The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) – Las Vegas, NV

TISOH was founded by professors of the nearby University of Nevada. The school aims to assist not just people looking to begin a new career, but also established event planners who seek additional training to advance within the industry. TISOH is unique in that it offers instruction in three different formats – classroom, online, and workshops. Providing even more flexibility, the classroom format can be completed in 3 months by meeting once per week, or it can be completed on an expedited schedule meeting daily for 5 weeks.

The Art Institute of Pittsburg – Pittsburg, PA

The Art Institute of Pittsburg offers an Event Management Certificate designed to train students to express their creative abilities, within the constraints of a practical business environment. The program teaches students how to work with clients to produce events that meet or exceed expectations, and at the same time stay within the client’s budget. The program uses a project-based approach to instruction. Tuition is approximately $19,000, plus the cost of books and fees.

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Kendall College – Chicago, IL

Kendall College was established in 1934. It is located near downtown Chicago– an area known worldwide for its prominence in the exhibition and event industry. The School of Hospitality Management at Kendall College provides training in all aspects of event planning, including special event marketing, vendor decisions, and shaping client expectations. Tuition is comparatively high in relation to degree programs offered elsewhere, but there are many scholarship and grant opportunities available.

Choosing an event planning school is not a decision to take lightly. A wide variety of programs and degrees are available, and each program is uniquely designed for a particular type of student, based on the student’s career goals. Accordingly, potential students should consider their long-term career plans before selecting a school.

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