Careers in Event Planning

Event planning can be a great career choice for people who are creative, social and well-organized. A career in this field also offers opportunities for advancement and management of other people. Here is information for anyone considering beginning a career as a professional event planner.

Find a Niche within the Industry, and Become a Specialist

Event planners usually specialize in handling certain types of events. This is simply a result of the wide variety of events that require planning services, and the unique aspects of each one of them. For example, an event planner might specialize in weddings, parties, corporate training, educational seminars, trade shows, or any other common event. Each of these categories of events requires the planner to be equipped with a particular skill set. Specializing also allows event planners to become known within a segment of the market, which helps make advertising more effective.

What are the Job Duties of an Event Planner?

The daily activities of a professional event planner can range from holding meetings with business executives, to tasting potential menu items. In fact, many people are drawn to the career for the simple reason that each day of work is different from the next. Job duties include things like writing guest lists, designing invitations, creating promotional materials, developing an advertising strategy, scouting and selecting event locations, and hiring decorators. Event planners also spend a significant amount of time working with caterers and other food service vendors.

Event Planners Know How to Network with Other People

The most important characteristic of any successful event planner is the ability to network with other professionals. Simply put, this is a career about people. The ultimate success of an event depends upon the efforts of lots of people coming together at the right time and in the correct manner. Event planners make this happen. While training programs and continuing education courses can teach event planners techniques to improve their networking skills, the best networkers are more or less born with these skills. Anyone considering the career should reflect on this.

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Be Prepared to Travel on a Regular Basis

All event planners must do some traveling to perform their job. It is not the type of career that takes place from behind a desk. Producing a successful event often requires on-sight supervision of the preparations for the event. Event planners who work as sole proprietors or as members of small organizations will have some control over the amount of travel required of them, as they can choose to take jobs locally. Nevertheless, the career is generally best suited for those who enjoy spending at least some of their time away from home.

The type of career an event planner will experience is largely a matter of choice. Some event planners prefer to handle small projects held in the local vicinity. For others, satisfaction comes from coordinating large international events. New event planners should seek out jobs that offer those aspects of the profession that are most appealing to them.

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