Information About Event Planning Jobs

Event planners can be self-employed, or they can work for an event planning agency. They can even work as an in-house employee of large a corporation that hosts its own events. Here is more information about jobs in the event planning field.

Requirements for Employment

Formal education is not required to become an event planner. However, many people working in this industry have college degrees in business, hospitality, or a related field. Job candidates must have the ability to travel, and to communicate using cell phones and other mobile devices. Basic accounting skills are useful, as well as experience in the food and beverage industry. Employers look for a work history that demonstrates the ability to organize, adjust to changing circumstances, and meet deadlines.

Where to Find Openings

For those just starting out, it is a good idea to gain experience by handling a few small events. This will provide a foundation for gaining the trust of future clients, and it will add experience to the resume of first-time job applicants. To gain this initial experience, it may be necessary to help plan a community, church, or charity event on a volunteer basis. On the other hand, experienced event planners will find many well-paying opportunities available. These can be found through local employment offices, trade organizations, or internet job sites.

How to Apply for a Position

Applying for work as an event planner is different than applying for other professional jobs. The qualifications that are most important for event planning are not easily displayed on a resume or job application. As such, candidates need to find alternate ways to display things like an outgoing personality, a sense of creativity, and attention to detail. The best way to do this is to assemble a quality list of references, consisting of professional contacts who can speak about times in the past when the candidate has demonstrated these traits.

What Kind of Salary to Expect

The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks salary information for individuals employed in the meeting, convention, and event planning industry. According to that agency, the median pay for those with a bachelorís degree and less than one year of experience is $45,260 per year. Other organizations that track these figures report slightly higher pay rates, typically in the range of $50,000 to $55,000 per year. Benefits, bonuses, and other job perks also contribute to the overall compensation of an event planner.

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Outlook for the Profession

As the economy begins to strengthen following the recent recession, businesses are holding an increasing number of professionally-planned events, and this is good news for those looking to enter into the profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates overall job growth in the industry to rise 44% in the coming decade. In this respect, event planning ranks much higher than other similar professions. Individuals who hold a bachelorís degree in hospitality management are expected to be in the highest demand.

Finding work as an event planner requires resourcefulness and personal motivation. Because these qualities are also required for success in the profession, the job search itself is an opportunity to practice the skills that will be needed once a job is secured.

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