Top Event Planning Companies

Every local community will have individuals or businesses that provide event planning services. But across the U.S., there are a select number of companies that stand out as the best in the industry. Here are a few of the top event planning companies today.

Merryl Brown Events

Merryl Brown Events is located in Montecito, CA, near Santa Barbara. They specialize in creating a seamless guest experience for those attending their social, corporate and wedding events. The company prides itself on the ability to create atmospheres ranging from conservative to extravagant. The company is also an industry leader in pioneering environmentally friendly event planning strategies. They do so by finding ways to reduce waste, without sacrificing elegance.

Rafanelli Events

Rafanelli Events has offices in Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Palm Beach Florida. According to owner Bryan Rafanelli, the company produces all sizes of private, corporate, and charity events. Dinner parties can range in size from 10 guests to 2,000 guests. The company is passionate about meeting client desires, no matter how extreme or unusual. In fact, one of the company’s goals is “to make anything possible.” Rafanelli Events provides all types of planning services, including entertainment, guest gifts, transportation, and many others.

Blue Plate

Blue Plate is located in Chicago, and it is one of the most famous event planning companies in the region. They produce events of all types – from casual receptions to formal seated dinners. Clients can select from 85 of Chicago’s most desirable venues to host their event. Blue Plate also offers direct catering services for clients who want an event to take place at their own location. Weddings are one of the company’s specialties as well. They offer wedding receptions with traditional or contemporary themes and menu selections.

Bob Gail Special Events

Bob Gail Special Events has 2 locations – Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV. The company started in 1978 as a talent booking agency, and has transformed into a company providing comprehensive event planning services. In fact, they offer a selection of services that may be difficult to locate elsewhere, including prop rentals, illuminated furniture, casino entertainment, and celebrity impersonators. Bob Gail also offers production of a huge selection of themed events – 83 of them to be precise.

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Henry V Events

Henry V Events is based in Portland, OR. These companies produce many live events as well as "digital events" that are conducted over the internet. In either forum, the company works with clients to design an experience that attracts interaction from event guests. They have also developed creative and engaging ways to invite continued interaction from guests, even after the event has ended. For this reason, Henry V Events is a popular choice for private enterprise clients looking to host customer events.

The best event planning agencies produce events that go far beyond client expectations. Regardless of the style of event requested by the client, these companies can create experiences that leave precisely the right impression with the client’s guests.

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